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Our Investment Practices

We have the flexibility to invest globally, in all market caps, in both public and private securities, and focus our time in Europe, the US and Latin America

We spend a lot of time in the family and founder led space, and focus on special situations, corporate actions and under covered companies

We have a unique sourcing program, and have developed an extensive network of industry experts and independent researchers

We construct portfolios based on conviction and idea meritocracy, and view risk management as a function of due diligence, governance and conviction

Long-term Investors in great businesses and entrepreneurs.

A differentiated approach that places emphasis on business ownership, not stock speculation

Investment Aproach: Overview

Nuanced approach goes beyond traditional classifications


A more flexible approach uncovers the less obvious


Continuous learning drives the growth of mental model library

Mental Models

Specializing on special situations and overlooked companies


Focus on value chain, business models and geographies


Expertise and extensive industry networks in focus areas

Sourcing Edge

Long term ownership mentality, and concentration in a small number of businesses


Temperament and structure to avoid the noise of short-term markets


Principals heavily invested in the Fund and in partnership with our clients

Long-term Mindset

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