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Multi-Storey Library

Our Investment Principles

We are business owners and not stock speculators


We seek to generate long term returns through investments in a portfolio of franchise companies, purchased with a margin of safety


We become experts in select business models and industries


We apply a distinctive and nuanced lens to the marketplace, which allows us to participate in unique situations and opportunities


We are structured for the long term, and do not get distracted by the day to day and short term “noise” of the benchmark driven market

The power

of compounding

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi

Expertise on Specific 
Business Models

Overlooked Situations

High-Quality Businesses

In-depth Value
Chain Expertise

Installed Base


Radial Oligopoly



Data Lock

Affluent Consumer

Beverages/ Coffee

Retail/ Restaurants

Corporate Actions

(Spin-off/Carve-outs, M&A)

Myopic Pessimism

Family Owned / Under-covered

Focus Strategy

Dissecting the Investment Universe

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