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Nina Murphy


Ms. Murphy is responsible for all financial management, legal, compliance, operations, administration, and tax activities.

Prior to launching QVIDTVM, Ms. Murphy worked with Burak Alici at Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) on the Private Credit and Equity platform. She has over 25 years of financial, operational, and product development experience having helped launch and manage several hedge funds and alternative investment firms.

Ms. Murphy’s prior experience incorporates COO/CFO positions held at three private funds, including: KEC Ventures, an early- stage venture capital fund; AT Global Capital, a global macro  hedge  fund;  and Vertose,  a  company  that develops innovative  investment products. Ms. Murphy also ran Investor Services for  Christofferson, Robb, and Company, a hedge fund  specializing in European structured credit. Previous alternatives experience includes roles at Tribeca Capital Management (Citibank’s internal multi-strategy hedge fund) and Deutsche Bank’s prime brokerage group.

Ms. Murphy received an MBA from Columbia Business School and a B.S. in Business Management and Finance from Brooklyn College.

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